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Dog or Cat Worms

When your pet has intestinal parasites, you can find them in your pet’s feces or in areas where they sleep. This is one of the most common illnesses for a pet. Owners should spend some extra time to learn how worms can affect cats and dogs, how to detect them, and most importantly how to treat your pet safely and effectively. Vetisse Rhizo D-Wormer is a popular herbal remedy for worms in cats.  If you prefer natural treatments for your cat’s health concerns, Vetisse Rhizo D-Wormer is an excellent choice when it comes to eliminating pin worms, tape worms, and other parasites from your cat’s body.  Representing a synergistic blend of herbs and extracts that target worms and parasites, Vetisse Rhizo D-Wormer is safe and effective for cats of all ages.  In addition to its affects against parasites, Vetisse Rhizo D-Wormer also contains herbs that support and protect your cat’s stomach while naturally improving digestion.  Furthermore, as a powerful vermifuge, Vetisse Rhizo D-Wormer also helps to eradicate fleas and ticks.

A Powerful and All-Natural Way to Eliminate Worms in Cats

  • Targets a variety of worms including pinworms, tapeworms, hookworms, and other intestinal parasites
  • Helps improve digestion and expel worms
  • Provides protection for your cat’s stomach
  • Contains only safe, natural ingredients
  • Rigorously tested for effective worm eradication

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