Vetisse Rhizo Garlic Extract

Isn't garlic toxic for cats and dogs?

Garlic is not toxic for pets. It has been associated with garlic's close cousin, the onion, where it is known to trigger hemolytic ("Heinz factor") anemia through it's high concentration of thiosulphate. Onions can easily trigger this reaction with only a single generous serving! Garlic does not have the same concentration of this compound. Instead, Garlic has incredible anti-parasitic and anti-septic properties. It also has beneficial properties that helps support pets with cancer, diabetes, liver disease, heart disease, kidney disease, uncontrollable staph infections, etc. Rhizo Garlic Extract Flea is perfectly safe for cats and dogs for flea treatment and prevention!

Will my cat or dog smell like garlic all day from using Vetisse Rhizo Garlic Extract?

Your cat or dog may smell like garlic if you smell their feet because their sweat glands are where their feet are. The smell will not likely be as pungent as it is for people who ingest garlic products.

Product Related Questions

When does your product expire?

Once the product has been manufactured, they have an expiry of 5 years. The shelf life after opening is 6 months. All Vetisse 100mL liquid extracts need to be refrigerated after opening. If the product is not refrigerated after opening, the product will go bad.

I received your product in the mail but it was over 30C/86F degrees out side this summer. Will the product go bad from the heat?

Any of our products if they are exposed to heat (upwards of 40 degrees Celsius) does not affect their efficacy at all. They will still work and perform as they are supposed to. The product may have melted and splashed on the lid. Due to the low melting point of our ointments, this is normal and it doesn't affect the efficacy of the product. It is best to keep them out of the heat to avoid this and the splashing related to it. Once the product gets back up to room temperature (or is put in the fridge) it does go back to its normal texture and it will be fine.

I forgot to refrigerate the bottle after opening it. I can feel there is an air bubble on the dropper. Is it okay to use the product?

Unfortunately the product will go bad if you do not follow the instructions on the bottle. If you would like to continue to use the product, you will need to re-order another bottle from one of our online retail suppliers.

I received a bottle of Vetisse product and when I open it, it smells bad. Has it gone bad?

All of our products are natural, herbal, and earthy. The smell of Vetisse products are not always pleasant, but it doesn't mean it has gone bad. The smell will be "natural", "herbally", or "earthy".

My pet is taking other medications, will your product interfere with the other meds?

Our products most likely won't interact with the other medications that your pet is currently taking. The lovely thing about herbs is that it allows the body to take what it needs without pushing the body in one direction as we do with drugs. Your pet would less likely experience side effects and if any do develop than stopping the supplement will resolve the problem.

What kind of ingredients do you use in your products?

All of our products are all-natural with ingredients made from plants and herbs.

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