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Cat or Dog Heart Disease

Heart disease is a serious problem not only for humans but also for pets as well. It usually affects older pets where it¬†causes your pets heart to stop functioning properly. As a result of this the rest of your pet’s organs attempt to compensate for these imbalances. Slowly your pet’s body begins to wear down and gives into the disease. It is best to know the symptoms to look for to attempt to catch any heart disease before it becomes to overpowering on your pet.

There are some common symptoms that can help you detect heart problems:

  • lack of energy and willingness to exercise
  • fatigue and laziness
  • increased sleep, panting and puffing
  • dry cough
  • loss of appetite
  • weight loss
  • potbellied appearance
  • grey or bluish tinge in gums

Visit your doctor if you suspect your dog has any of these symptoms of heart problems.

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